Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, Gets Bronze Statue in New York

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Published Sep 2022

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor blazed a trail for Hispanic people in the United States, particularly Latinas, by becoming the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. Now, she has returned to where she grew up, a community in the Bronx, which erected a bronze statue of her at a shopping center.

The statue is a life-size bust of the Supreme Court Justice. It was erected at the Bronx Terminal Market, situated in the neighborhood she grew up in. The home she grew up in is just a few miles away from the shopping center, which was formerly a wholesale fruit and vegetable market that served as a neighborhood landmark for generations, according to the Associated Press.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Says Bronze Statue Bust Going Back to Her Community Is 'Heartwarming'

The 68-year-old Latina was on hand when the statue was unveiled. She said she loves the Bronx and her community. She also said that it was always "heartwarming" to go back to her community in the Bronx, and added that she was deeply touched when they erected a bust of her at the shopping center.

The statue sits behind a protective glass with her name on its base. It also has several panels that contain a short biography about her.

The Supreme Court Justice was also impressed at how much the sculpture resembled her. Now This! Newsreported that she remarked how curly the statue's hair is and also laughingly noted that the statue also wore the same dangly earrings she loves to wear.

"It's quite amazing. Looks a lot like me," she said. The Justice also joked that they may have even improved on the looks of the real thing.

Justice Sotomayor also spoke about her late mother, Celina Baez, who passed away last year before seeing her daughter make history as a Supreme Court Justice. She said that her mother "would have been bursting with pride."

She then posed for photographs with several local eighth-grade students, who also helped out in unveiling her statue.

Bronze Statue Also Sculpted by Duo Behind Ruth Bader Ginsberg Statue

According to the Washington Post, the bronze statue of Justice Sonia Sotomayor was sculpted by artists Gillie and Marc Shattner. The Supreme Court Justice praised them for their work and called them "two visionary artists who share a passion as I do for community service." She added that she is humbled to be part of their vision.

The two artists are responsible for several statues not just in public places in New York, but also around the world. These include the King Nyani gorrilla sculpture in Hudson Yard in New York City, as well as the Paparazzi Dog in Australia.

They are also responsible for the "world's largest rhino sculpture" in Astor Place New York's East Village. It sought to raise awareness to rhino conservation.

However, their most significant one may be the statue of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It features the women's rights icon and former Supreme Court Justice in bronze. It can be found outside 445 Albee Square in Downtown Brooklyn's City Point.


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Written by: Rick Martin

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