The Dog in us all

The West Australian

A huge sculpture of a naked man on all fours with a dog’s head has caused a stir on the stylish streets of Subiaco. The three metre tall, half-man half-dog artwork is part of The Dog In Us All exhibition at Linton and Kay Contemporary gallery on Hay Street, but one appendage in particular has generated the most complaints.

Gillie and Marc Art The dog in us all

The sculpture takes pride of place on the footpath, and has caused traffic chaos as drivers crane their necks to have a good look at the unusual work. Called Good Boy, the figure’s 40cm long penis caused a major controversy when the sculpture was shown on a footpath in Sydney. Mothers walking their children to a nearby day care centre were appalled by the image. At the time it caused a media frenzy, with many comparing the work to controversial artist Bill Henson’s images of young children in various states of undress. But so far Good Boy has failed to offend as many people in Perth, leading the husband and wife artist team Gillie and Marc Shattner to conclude that West Australians were a more liberal and accepting lot than Sydneysiders.