The good, the bad and the ugly Gillie and Marc Schattner, artists

The West Australian Perth

Doggies are non-judgmental

CANINE COMPANIONS Who else in this world will lie at your feet while your undies are around your ankles as you sit on the toilet? Doggies are non-judgemental, loving and caring. Our golden retriever Moby is 10 years old. He has the most powerful nose in the world but you’ll never see him holidng it as we exit the toilet. Good boy !

Gillie and Marc Art Good Bad Ugly

GYM JUNKIES We walk in feeling fat and walk out feeling fantastic. How could we not? Our trainer Sam is ex Mr World ! Plus we get to eat the full fat muffins for just an extra half-hour of running on the treadmill.
POACHED EGGS ON WEEKENDS We walk to our favourite coffeed shop in Darlinghurst, Sydney which seats only about 10 people. Eating poached eggs with strong black coffee for whatever reason stimulates us to brainstorm about new art projects.