The rhinos are coming. Join the charge.

Daily Telegraph

Artist Statement:
The future of the rhinos is the future of humanity.
Every time a rhino dies part of humanity dies with it.

As the population of rhino dwindle so does the world in which we live. Human survival is liked to the survival of all species, and this is artistically represented as the unborn child in the uterus of the rhino.  Imagine our children growing up in a world without rhinos. It would be killing the world as we know it. The powerful imagery of mother and child represents safety and nurture.  Once we recognize our immediate attachment to the rhino, mankind  will protect it as if it’s their own child. This is the connection we wish to make and hopefully this striking image will get the world to see how we MUST save the rhino.

What it is about:
Taronga Wild! Rhinos
 is a Wild in Art event that will bring businesses, artists and schools together to create a spectacular world-class sculpture trail from the Sydney Harbour foreshore through the Blue Mountains to Dubbo and the Central West region of NSW.

From February – April 2014 a huge herd of wildly colourful rhino sculptures painted by artists and their small calves decorated by local schools will charge into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to help raise awareness and valuable funds for Taronga’s world leading Black Rhino breeding program and in-situ conservation projects.

At the end of the trail, on the 14th May at The Star, Pyrmont the life-sized rhino sculptures will go under the hammer at a charity auction to raise critical funding for Taronga’s rhino conservation programs.