Austin Booth

Austin Booth


    From the heart of London comes an abstract artist to watch. Austin Booth has recently splashed onto the scene, and all eyes are on her - including from her work.

    Heavily inspired by some of the surrealist greats such as Miro, Picasso, and Giorgio de Chirico, Austin loves to dissect the body, finding new ways to look at life and our place within it. Her contemporary abstract style takes easily identified parts of ourselves and rearranges them to spotlight the many different perspectives we all have.   

    Austin grew up in the creative Camden Town where she was surrounded by a multitude of artists, each with their unique artistic expression. Blessed with an early introduction to the creative world, Austin had many mentors who encouraged her to find her own voice. Ironically, Austin found it by drawing on everyone else.

    She was fascinated by the different perspectives she saw as she moved around Camden. Behind every set of eyes was a different experience, a different understanding. This is where her obsession with eyes began. She began playing with their placement and composition, taking them out of the apparent and helping us to see how different another perspective can be from our own. 

    Austin has already been picked up by various galleries and collectors as a rising artist. Her works have been displayed around London with shows lined up in Amsterdam and Berlin.

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