Wild About Babies Prints

Wild About Babies Prints



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    We will also be giving 30% of every sale to WWF Australia. 

    Are you wild about babies? 20 absolutely adorable baby animals of all different species have made their way into your heart through bronze and paint. And now they’re doing it again in print form. Starting out as a monumental sculpture project along the picturesque river at Yarra’s Edge in Melbourne, these babies are continuing to steal hearts while bringing awareness to the critical story of endangerment for some of the most iconic animals in the world.

    These portraits are the next step in the story, a visual understanding to show we are running out of time. Gillie and Marc are using paint splashes across the realistic portraits to show how fragile the existence of these babies is. This series gives a unique perspective of how it feels to watch a species disappear before our very eyes. It is a call for everyone to act before the paint swallows them up and we lose them forever.

    We all have the responsibility to protect babies from harm. In partnership with the world’s most renowned wildlife charity, WWF, the public instantly get the opportunity to make a difference for the real baby animals. With every purchase of one of these prints, they are showing their support for wildlife while at the same time donating money towards their protection. In a unique form of conservation art, this is your chance to take the first steps towards making a better tomorrow.

    All prints include the option to arrive framed, or unframed. To have your print framed, simply select your desired print size and frame colour on the item page, then add to cart. All contemporary frames come with a quality perspex front cover and will be shipped to you with care.