Love The Last


#LoveTheLast by Gillie and Marc is a worldwide art project, with the mission of bringing critically endangered animals to urban areas so that people everywhere can create a connection with them.

Why? Because loving animals is the first step towards saving them.

Many of the planet’s most magnificent creatures are about to be wiped off the face of the earth, like Bengal tigers, snow leopards, leatherback turtles, great blue whales, javan rhinos, and so many more!  Each of these innocent animals are intelligent, have families, homes, personalities, and are deserving of our love!

#LoveTheLast was born out of the conviction that, now more than ever, we need a new approach involving unprecedented public support like never before! Endangerment rates are rising at an alarming rate, and soon we won’t be able to reverse the trajectory. Time has run out. Already, northern white rhinos have been dwindled down to the last three – Sudan, Najin, and Fatu – who are facing imminent extinction. If the whole world doesn’t get on board right away to make strides in conservation, then all animals will face the same fate. It’s now or never.

World-renowned Australian artists, Gillie and Marc, are creating beautiful, show-stopping sculptures of endangered animals for leading locations across the globe. Physical touch is the most powerful way to form a connection, so even those disconnected by urban environments thousands of miles away can develop a loving bond to the planet’s most magnificent creatures.

gillie and marc love the last