More Heart



We are all in this world together. Through our art, we want to celebrate this beautiful connection humanity shares, recognising our interconnectivity and ability to shine as one. People are struggling everywhere, be it because of illness, poverty, or discrimination. We’re all aware of these problems but where are the answers to solving them? We want to find these by becoming a positive voice, bringing about awareness, and encouraging creative ideas for discovering them. Positive, actionable public art is a way of bringing people together through optimisim and passion. It brings issues into everyday lives, bringing them closer to home so they cannot be ignored. Through recognition and understanding, it puts more love and kindness back into our communities, and into life as a whole, encouraging us to find solutions together, and giving an uplifting outlook for the future. We are a global community, we need to stand together, we need to be there for one another, and most importantly, we need to love each other. The answers can only be found with love.

Here’s introducing ‘MORE HEART’, our latest major global public project that will this time give a voice to all the people of the world. Over 5 major cities, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, and London, this project is a celebration of life, offering support to those who need it most. This can take many forms, be it for those suffering from a medical ailment, gun control, or poverty. We want to create public sculptures that will make people sit up and care, to take an interest in other people’s lives, and to work together to find a solution and bring hope to those who can’t find it. As an interactive and positive public instalment, ‘MORE HEART’ encourages involvement rather than passive participation. This makes it one of the most important public works to ever be created!

After working for 4 years as a nurse in St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, Gillie spent her life helping sick children and their families, supporting them through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. Marc watched his sister suffering from leukaemia as a child, but amazingly also saw her become one of the first people in the world to be saved by chemotherapy at a time when survival rates were dismally low. Because of these experiences, we wanted to use our platforms as artists to help others who are struggling with medical hardship. We began our hugely successful art project, ‘Life Can’t Wait’, a project to create art that told the stories and dreams of 12 of the brave Australians urgently awaiting a crucial organ donation. After these close and personal experiences of suffering, and seeing how our art can bring hope and truly make a difference, we have a fire burning in us to carry on supporting those who need it, to find ways to bring them hope, and to raise our voices to create a dialogue for important issues.  

‘MORE HEART’ will be the most important public art project ever created in the name of love for the people of this beautiful planet we call home. With all the fighting and prejudice that is in the world, we need to make people remember that we are all one, we are all in this together, and we must love and give to each other if we are ever to find happiness and peace.