Public Art

At Gillie and Marc Public Art, we remove the middleman in the creative process, reducing costs and empowering your organisation with the opportunity to work directly with award-winning artists, Gillie and Marc.

We offer:

1. Schematic and detailed design of a public art activation to deliver strong returns on your investment

2. Public art engagement strategies and master plans

3. Budget estimation and cost control

4. Construction documentation, fabrication and installation

5. Project management and strict quality control 

Gillie and Marc Public Art has a universal demographic appeal. Our online following of over 200,000+ fans collectively ranges from ages 12 to 77, with a nearly even split among listed genders.

Our work is designed to create a destination for photos and hashtag sharing, and has been proven to draw in repeat visitor traffic with people on average showing 5x more engagement in locations where activations are installed.

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Percent for Art
Percent for art is a council scheme that says 1% of large building development budgets should be allocated to public art.

Gillie and Marc have a wide variety of experience with percent for art schemes and have worked with lots of developers and councils to produce high quality, relevant and exciting public art that really enhances new and old developments.

Gillie and Marc have found that it is often easier for developers to come straight to the artists, rather than going through a middle man. The Gillie and Marc team will work with the relevant councils to ensure all policies and laws and planning schemes are adhered to and have lots of experience in this, making it as easy as possible for developers!

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