Pullman – Hotel Art

With the arrival of the first internationally branded new-build 5-star hotel to Sydney’s airport, a world class celebration was in order. The Pullman Sydney Airport Hotel, the 15th Pullman to open in Australia and NZ, looked for ways to create a night of opulence, including magici ans, musicians, fine food, and the Pullman Art Night.

In a spectacular display of Gillie and Marc’ s contemporary art, the Pullman Art Night was a huge success, bringing joy to some of Sydney’s most prestigious guests from the travel and tourism industry. With sculptures of their most iconic characters, Rabbitwoman and Dog man, the guests where offered a glimpse of some of the most photographed characters in the world. From this night of success, hotels and resorts have all been wanting the opportunity to have one or both of the lovers as a feature of their own art collections, welcoming their guests with openness and love.