Vanderpump Dogs – Giggy Sculpture

2021 was a year with many moments of sadness, including the death of the famous and very beloved Gigolo “Giggy” Vanderpump, one of the sweetest and most stylish dogs ever to grace the TV screens. Made famous starring in episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills in adorable outfits, this Pomeranian stole the hearts of the world. But he also held a legacy as the inspiration for a foundation to save dogs around the world, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

To pay tribute to this inspirational dog and help to keep the mission to protect all dogs alive, Gillie and Marc created a beautiful statue of Giggy to be placed outside of The Foundation. In his signature purple jacket, Giggy relaxes on a plush bronze sofa, a tribute to all that he has done for dog-kind and a celebration of the life of this tiny dog with the big heart.

The statue will allow his memory to live on forever where he can continue to inspire others to save dogs.