Coffee drinkers

Adelaide Central Plaza

The high socio-economic Sydney suburb of Double Bay was privy to its own Gillie and Marc original, a pair of coffee lovers, before the sculpture moved to South Australia. The first edition of the bronze dogman and rabbitgirl couple was outside Frances Keevil Gallery, where it sat for several weeks. The couple then ventured south – to Adelaide Central Plaza – to be displayed outside department store David Jones.

The second edition is at the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral, New South Wales, outside the gallery on the corner of Station Street for all to see.

“They’re slightly larger than life size, and really throw the viewer’s perspective off,” says Marc.

“At first glance, it looks like two real people sitting at a table drinking coffee. When you do a double take, you realise what you are looking at.”

The final edition has made its way up to New York to the Morrison Gallery.