Paparazzi Dogs

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne’s Federation Square is a world-renowned cultural attraction. In 2013, Gillie and Marc’s series of four bronze paparazzi dog men, the tallest of which is 2.2 meters, was installed for three months.

Paparazzi Dogs is a comment on the prevalence of paparazzi in popular culture. Visitors took their own photos with the paparazzi, allowing them to become their own celebrity. Trey Ratcliff, considered to be one of the world’s best contemporary photographers, also came to take a photo and was followed by 500 professional photographers to take a photo of him.

“Visitors flocked daily to Fed Square to take their own photos with the paparazzi. It let everyone become their own celebrity,” Marc said. Gillie and Marc had intentionally created the interactive piece to expose the pack mentality of the media and how we hunt celebrities to get their photo. “Trey is a celebrity in his own right,” explained Marc. “So it’s amazing that we finally have a photograph of life imitating art. It summed up everything the sculpture was intended to say.”

Next, they’re heading to New York where they’ll be celeb-spotting and snapping up a storm in DUMBO, Brooklyn’s buzzing suburb pumping with street art and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.