Mama Gorilla

Permanent Exhibition
The Loxford (Mccloy Group) - 464 Cessnock Rd, Gillieston Heights NSW 2321
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Mccloy Group The Loxford Maitland Gorilla Sculpture

Wild Mother Gorilla
This 30-year-old gorilla has had many children in her time. Living in the forests of DRC, where civil war was all around her she knew that the world needed love and protection, especially her babies. But she didn’t want to protect only her own, she wanted to protect every baby all over the world. But there was no way she could do this alone. She looked to her closest relatives, the ones who had caused so much destruction in her home but also the ones she had witnessed having an endless capacity for love, humans. She looks to them to become protectors alongside her and guardians of all wildlife.

Mccloy Group 
The Loxford is an exciting residential site in Maitland; situated off Cessnock Road. Featuring 800 hectare of environmental conservation land, The Loxford creates mixed-use urban redevelopment where contemporary living meets a wholesome family lifestyle. The new neighbourhood combines a steep heritage in farming and industry with contemporary living and all the fixtures that McCloy communities are known for.