Accessories - Solarwear

Gillie and Marc's innovative licensing program extends its artistic touch to the world of eyewear with a captivating collaboration for the brand SolarWear. Renowned for their creative prowess, the dynamic duo introduces a sunglasses collection that transcends conventional design, blending fashion with an artistic narrative. Each pair becomes a canvas for Gillie and Marc's iconic characters and vibrant storytelling, turning sunglasses into wearable art. The collaboration with SolarWear fuses functionality with whimsy, offering a range of eyewear that not only shields the eyes from the sun but also allows wearers to express their unique style through the lens of Gillie and Marc's imaginative world. SolarWear, under the artistic influence of Gillie and Marc, emerges as a brand where every pair of sunglasses tells a visual story and invites individuals to see the world through the lens of creativity and flair.