City Rebirth at Jingan Sculpture Park in pictures


Until November 20 visitors will be able to experience the fourth biannual Jingan International Sculpture Project at Jingan Sculpture Park. The exhibition, titled City Rebirth, focuses on the themes of urban innovation and social responsibility and features over 300 pieces from 24 artists from all over the world, curated by Purple Roof Art Gallery.

Below are just some of the standouts – we recommend bringing a picnic and exploring the park for yourself. Entrance to the park is free.

Visitors to 2014’s exhibition may remember this giant fox on a shipping container. ‘Urban Fox’ by British artist Alex Rinsler is back but with more alert eyes that are a marked departure from the relaxed expression of 2014’s popular sculpture. The juxtaposition of the furry fox on the harsh industrial shipping container prompts visitors to think about the connections between human lifestyles and nature.
‘The Ultimate Domestic Vision – A Globalized Locality’ by Gary Chang from Hong Kong is an interactive virtual reality experience where visitors wearing VR goggles can experience living in a cage. The hours for this installation are 10.30-11.30am and 2.30-3.30pm daily.
‘Steel Root Series 1’ by American artist Steve Tobin reaches up towards the sky with the neighborhood high-rises.
‘Hold it Gently’ by Chinese artist Shang Tun. Look closely.
‘Celebrity Collection’ by Australians Gillie and Marc puts animal heads on human bodies. Those with a healthy knowledge of American pop culture should be able to figure out who the bodies belong to – figures include those of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jackson.
By Sophie Ding