Returning to the Animal Within

Herald Sun Weekend

The Returning to the Animal Within exhibition encourages audiences to take a break from the material world to enjoy the simple things in life through the perspective of a dog. Gillie and Marc’s paintings will be accompanied by large fibreglass sculptures and photographic prints in this exhibition. Dogs don’t wear Rolexes, they don’t drive Jags. They don’t accumulate frequent-flyer miles or have share portfolios, and they never read the real estate pages on Saturday morning.

Dogs love to go for walks and smell and taste the things they find. They love the way it feels when they stick their head our of the car window, or catch a dirty tennis ball for the millionth time. They love it when you rub their tummy. Dogs don’t ask what something costs. They don’t ask where you got it from, or whether it’s the latest or the one that everyone’s talking about, or whether you can only get it on special import or whether you can really afford it.Gillie and Marc take this philosophy like a stick and run with it.

Gillie and Marc Animal Within Sculpture Herald Sun