The Celebrity Animal – Pamela Poodle Anderson (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life Size

Materials Bronze


It’s great to be a blonde. With low expectations, it’s very easy to surprise people. You could be forgiven for considering poodles the pageant queens of the dog world they even seem to have a different posture than other dogs. They stand with their head held high and their chest out. Their fur is always perfectly permed and sometimes their owners even give them avant garde haircuts. Actually, they're one of the smartest dog breeds. They're easy to train because they pay attention, and are loyal to their owners. Poodles are also very sensitive; they can suffer terrible separation anxiety and flinch if they are touched unexpectedly. This is Pamela Anderson, as she will most likely be remembered in her high cut Baywatch swimsuit. For all the controversy she has courted in the tabloids over her career, she'll always be an icon because of her famous figure. Gillie and Marc are intrigued by the way the public reacts to a famous figure like this with doll like proportions, that can seem so far away from ordinary. As Gillie and Marc considered how to turn Pamela into a hybrid they learnt more about her contradictions. She has walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood and signed copies of her book at Wal Marts. She's married and divorced rock stars while campaigning fiercely for animal rights. During her time on the show that thrust her into the limelight she became the ultimate California girl, despite being Canadian. They feel they've found her perfect match in the deceptively clever poodle.