They had a ball of love together (Bronze Sculpture)

They had a ball of love together (Bronze Sculpture)

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Dimensions 78.7 x 59 x 59 inch (H*L*W)
200 x 150 x 150 cm (H*L*W)

Materials Bronze with green and blue patina  

Editions /1

Gillie and Marc have always admired budgies. These bright parrots are arguably one the most beautiful birds in the world, and are loved by so many people. As kids, Marc used to breed the Australian budgie, whereas Gillie would find excuses to visit her cousin’s English budgies (the latter being a few inches bigger).

The artists also find this affectionate bird very relatable due to their adorable “pair bonding”. Believe it or not, budgies can be quite picky when it comes to finding a mate with each bird having its own desired personality criteria for its mate. In bonding, a male budgie will sing to his mate, bob his head at her, and feed her. A male and female budgie will touch beaks often and sit snuggled up against one another as well as preen each other’s feathers.

Gillie and Marc’s budgies have been so well-received that they are working on a project that will see monumental, large-scale budgies installed into various locations all over the world.