The Giant Pacific Octopus (Original Painting)
The Giant Pacific Octopus (Original Painting)
The Giant Pacific Octopus (Original Painting)
The Giant Pacific Octopus (Original Painting)

The Giant Pacific Octopus (Original Painting)

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70.9 x 196.9 inch (H*W)
180 x 500 cm (H*W) 

Impasto and enamel on canvas 

Contemporary, Wildlife

This grand, five-meter-long painting boldly captures the image of an endangered giant Pacific octopus against a vibrant graffiti background. The juxtaposition of the octopus, a symbol of grace, adaptability, and intricate intelligence, with the gritty and raw aesthetic of graffiti creates a rich visual paradox. This artwork serves as a powerful message, reminding us that even in the urban chaos, we must not forget the plight faced by endangered species. The octopus, with its immense vulnerability to habitat degradation and human activities, stands as a poignant representation of the delicate balance between human creativity and the natural world. The graffiti, representative of human expression and urban culture, urges viewers to question the impact of our actions on the environment and to consider how urbanization and industrialization can threaten the very existence of extraordinary creatures like the giant Pacific octopus. The painting calls upon our conscience to strive for harmonious coexistence, where creativity and artistry flourish alongside the safeguarding of our planet's biodiversity.

Artwork Features
Bringing all your favourite things to life, from that pair of converse sneakers you wear every day to your most precious teacup, and pairing them with some of the most endangered animals in the world, Gillie and Marc are giving a unique perspective on the things we consider to be most important. Inspired by pop artists such as Andy Warhol and mixed with beautifully realistic animals using their iconic thick texture painting style, this Pop Realism collection is bringing the wild into our lives in a striking yet joyous experience.

Over the past five years, Gillie and Marc spent hours sketching and studying wildlife, travelling the globe to meet these animals up close. These sketches have now been brought to life in vibrant colour with love and passion. Each painting is created as a team with both the artists bringing their own emotion into every painting. 

Please note: All canvases come stretched and ready to hang, however if you would like your painting to be framed, Gillie and Marc are happy to provide this service for you at your request. For framing enquiries please email us.

Care Instructions
It is important to keep your painting out of direct sunlight and not to lean anything against the surface of the canvas. If it gets dusty, it can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

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