They flew with their butterfly friends (Original Painting)
They flew with their butterfly friends (Original Painting)
They flew with their butterfly friends (Original Painting)

They flew with their butterfly friends (Original Painting)

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39.7 x 29.9 inch (H*W)
101 x 76 cm (H*W)

Acrylic and gold leaf on card

Contemporary Figurative, Romanticism, Adventure

Bursting into a new day comes Rabbitwoman and Dogman accompanied by a flock of beautiful butterflies. Wherever they went they saw brilliant colour and life, but sometimes they wondered if maybe it followed them. With hearts full to the brim, Rabbitwoman and Dogman flew off with their butterfly friends, filled with joy at the thought of what the day could bring.

Artwork Features
Sending you to a world of luxury and opulence, this range of gold leaf paintings shows Rabbitwoman and Dogman at their finest. Inspired by the ancient methods of gold leaf and the more contemporary styles of Gustav Klimt, Gillie and Marc are showing the loving journeys of their favourite muses with an extra bit of sparkle. Gold leaf sheets are carefully laid onto the canvas, brushed, and smoothed out, adding a wonderful, glittery effect to its surface. Gillie and Marc believe that every moment can be a luxury. This idea is brought to life in these paintings, with even the simplest moments becoming incredible.

Please note: All canvases come stretched and ready to hang, however if you would like your painting to be framed, Gillie and Marc are happy to provide this service for you at your request. For framing enquiries please email us. 

Care Instructions
It is important to keep your painting out of direct sunlight and not to lean anything against the surface of the canvas. Handle with clean, dry hands as oil from the skin will mark the gold leaf. If it gets dusty, it can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

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