Wild Dugong (Bronze Sculpture)

Wild Dugong (Bronze Sculpture)

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78 inch (L)
200 cm (L)


Contemporary Sculpture, Wildlife

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The sculpture captures the smooth curves and serene presence of the dugong as it glides gracefully through its underwater habitat. Each ripple and wave of the bronze captures the essence of the ocean's movement, giving the sculpture a sense of life and vitality. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the bronze dugong sculpture serves as a powerful advocate for marine conservation. Through educational signage and interpretive materials, visitors learn about the dugong's role in maintaining healthy seagrass habitats and the threats facing its survival, including habitat loss, pollution, and boat strikes. By fostering empathy and understanding, the sculpture inspires individuals to take action to protect dugongs and their fragile marine environment, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at these gentle giants of the sea.

Artwork Features
Gillie and Marc love working in bronze for many reasons. Bronze is a very hardy material and will last forever. As experts in coloring bronze, Gillie and Marc enjoy experimenting with their sculptures, adding a splash of color to brighten the work, making it even more unique. > Read more 

For every purchase of a bronze sculpture you will receive a certificate of authenticity, titled, signed, dated and editioned by the artists.

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Bronze is very easy to clean, allowing you to enjoy your precious sculpture with minimal upkeep. > Read more

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