Wild About Babies

Wild About Babies



    The cutest exhibition you will ever see, this public sculpture experience will make you Wild About Babies. 20 absolutely adorable baby animals of all different species are making their way into your heart through bronze and paint.

    Wild About Babies is a celebration of the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom. In one of the largest public sculpture projects in the world, 20 babies, from polar bears to chimpanzees, have been expertly crafted in bronze. Made with exquisite detail, the public will get a once in a lifetime experience and see what these wild animals are really like, an opportunity for education like no other.

    Protected by their universal mother, a great, 3-metre tall gorilla, she gives the overall message of the project; no matter what the species, we all have the responsibility to protect babies from harm. In partnership with the world’s most renowned wildlife charity, WWF, the public instantly get the opportunity to make a difference for the real baby animals.

    In tandem with the opening of the Wild About Babies sculpture opening, there will also be a connected exhibition of paintings. Titled Disappearing Animals, these portraits of the sculpted babies are a comment on how fragile their existence is and how it feels to watch these species disappearing before our very eyes. It is a call for everyone to act before the paint swallows them up and we lose them forever.

    Wild About Babies will be exhibited at Western Australia Museum from May 19th, 2023 - September 4th, 2023 before moving to their permanent home at Perth Zoo.