Travel Everywhere With Love

Travel with Love is a global public art project that’s re-uniting the world. In the face of closing borders, it stands for keeping minds open and love flowing.

Gillie and Marc are creating interactive bronze sculptures featuring their iconic characters for leading cities across the world. When people see the familiar and beloved Rabbitwoman and Dogman in a city, they’ll know that they’re welcome there.

As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the Rabbit and the Dog represent diversity and togetherness. Without a definitive race, religion, or culture, they symbolize all people as one.

In response to the worldwide plight of refugees and immigrants, and changing border control policies, Travel with Love has been created as a stand for global unity. Connected by the public art project, each visitor (traveller and resident alike) will feel like next door neighbours.

Understanding the significance of the travelling hybrid duo, those who come across them will know that the hosting location believes in peace, harmony, and progress.

Travel Everywhere with Love has already begun, with dozens of organizations and cities across the globe expressing significant interest in this important project.

The project was originally kicked off in New York City earlier this year, when an installation of the larger-than-life Paparazzi Dogman and Paparazzi Rabbitgirl was installed on Avenue of the Americas.

“We are honored that Gillie and Marc chose to install these impressive and striking sculptures on the Avenue,” said Rockefeller Group Senior Vice President Bill Edwards. “These sculptures will not be missed, and their message will resonate for anyone who has the opportunity to see them. The sculptures are an excellent fit for the Avenue, which was created to honor the business and cultural ties between all the countries and cultures throughout North and South America. We are proud to host these creative, large-scale works of art that send an even larger message about equality and inclusiveness.”

If you are interested in hosting Travel Everywhere with Love sculpture and  to stand for diversity and togetherness, please give written confirmation to our Global Sales Director, Jessie >

Gillie and Marc Travel with Love