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Lovers of Gillie and Marcs’ work will have the bonus of being able to see the infamous Good Boy sculpture on show in Melbourne at the very same time as their solo show at Nexus Modern Art Gallery, only a couple of blocks away.

It is a feature in Contemporanea, a group exhibition of the Florence Biennale Artists of Australia, being held from 7 -19 October at Smart artZ Gallery in South Melbourne and 23 October – 6 November at Aarwun Gallery in Canberra. Gillie and Marc were invited to participate in the Florence Biennale last year.

Good Boy is a fibreglass sculpture of a giant kneeling man with a dogs head and a 41cm penis, drinking a cup of coffee. When exhibited in Sydney last year, the sculpture created a stir with some viewers who complained to authorities about its overt display.

“If you look historically through art, nudes have been accepted and admired for hundreds of years. Good Boy is about man and dog becoming one, and I hope people will enjoy and admire him in this new setting,” Gillie said.

Florence Biennale Prize Sculpture

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