Run for your Life

Daily Telegraph

Transport yourself to the African savanna by visiting a stunning trio of bronze rhinos in the Square.

Following their hugely popular ‘Paparazzi Dogs’ exhibition, public artists Gillie and Marc return to Fed Square with another collection of inspiring sculptures.

Titled ‘Run for your Life’, the work features three magnificent rhino sculptures that invite the public to be part of their run for freedom and life. The first rhino is ridden by Gillie and Marc’s iconic hybrid dogman and rabbitgirl characters and the smaller rhinos are there for everyone to jump on!

This remarkable installation brings the call of the wild to the city and to the people of Melbourne who already have a strong moral and environmental concern. Nearly 700 rhinos have been killed in South Africa in 2013 making it the bloodiest year yet for rhino poaching. Gillie and Marc’s sculptures hope to raise public awareness of the plight of rhino species in the wild. Now critically endangered, rhinos desperately need the active involvement of everyone to save their lives. Gillie and Marc hope everyone who sets foot in Fed Square can feel a connection to the three sculptures that spell out the rhinos future.

The bronze rhinos are the latest public works to be commissioned by Fed Square’s Creative Program.

Come to Fed Square and ride along with the majestic creatures as they run for their life!

Where: The Square
When: 6 January – 14 March, daily, 24 hours
Price: Free

Federation Square Rhinos by Gillie and Marc Art