The Last Three on This Planet (Bronze Sculpture)
The Last Three on This Planet (Bronze Sculpture)
The Last Three on This Planet (Bronze Sculpture)

The Last Three on This Planet (Bronze Sculpture)

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3.1 yard (H) 881.8 lbs
2.8 m (H) 400 kgs


Contemporary Sculpture, Wildlife, Activist Art

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Gillie and Marc were privileged to encounter the last three northern white rhinos on a visit to Kenya. Unfortunately, since that time, the last male of the species has died, leaving two females. It goes without saying that these beautiful creatures are running out of time, if it is not too late already. Gillie and Marc remain optimistic, and the work continues to preserve and protect
Najin and Fatu, mother and daughter, before the northern white rhino is lost forever.

Artwork Features
Gillie and Marc love working in bronze for many reasons. Bronze is a very hardy material and will last forever. As experts in coloring bronze, Gillie and Marc enjoy experimenting with their sculptures, adding a splash of color to brighten the work, making it even more unique. > Read more 

For every purchase of a bronze sculpture you will receive a certificate of authenticity, titled, signed, dated and editioned by the artists.

Care Instructions
Bronze is very easy to clean, allowing you to enjoy your precious sculpture with minimal upkeep. > Read more

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