Angelina Rabbit (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions 224 x 120 x 103 cm (H*L*W) 150 kgs

Materials Bronze

Gillie and Marc have always found Angelina Jolie to be a huge source of inspiration – largely due to her humanitarian efforts with conservation, education and women's rights. In this 2.2metre tall artwork titled Angelina Rabbitgirl — Stronger than ever, the Hollywood actress stands strong to show that even through all her ups and downs she will never give up. Angelina Rabbitgirl is dressed in the iconic thigh-high slit gown that the film star wore to the 2012 Oscars. The Atelier Versace black velvet dress made Jolie’s right leg the most talked about limb in celebrity history. This sculpture is part of the Celebrity Animal series – a posse of A-listers which includes Arnold ‘Stag’ Schwarzenegger, Pamela ‘Poodle’ Anderson, Dr ‘Bear’ Evil, Michael ‘Dog’ Jackson and Jessica Rabbit. “Everyone has a fascination with celebrity but it’s difficult to get close and engage them,” explained Gillie. “So we came up with the hybrid idea so everyone could have that feeling of a little bit of fame.” Marc said they were also parodying celebrity culture. “Celebrities are the new royalty and shopping centres are the new galleries of the world.”