The Celebrity Animal & Dorothy Catgirl (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life Size

Materials Bronze

Price POA

There's no place like home The Wizard of Oz was one of Gillie and Marc's favourite childhood movies, and when they set about creating a life-size Dorothy Gale they needed to find the perfect hybrid for her. They think they've found it in the cat. Dorothy might have only been a child when she went on her amazing journey through Oz, but she was also the smartest and most sensible one there. In fact, she quickly became relied upon and asked for advice. As any cat owner will tell you – they're very smart creatures, who can always be depended on and make great companions. They may be moody sometimes but they're always there. It's said that cats have nine lives, and that they always land on their feet. Dorothy was never harmed by anything on her journey. Even being knocked out by a hurricane and almost crushed by a house couldn't harm her. Although she coped with all these things, she didn't exactly take in her stride – she desperately wanted to go home. Cats might seem independent and adventurous but they also get scared easily and crave the attention of their owners, they often end up wanting to go home just like Dorothy. Gillie and Marc wanted to portray Dorothy caring for Toto, the dog she loved so much, even in cat form because Dorothy had empathy and concern for every single creature she encountered in Oz. So if any cat was going to get along with a dog, it would be Dorothy.