Farmer and Dog (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life-size

Materials Bronze

Location Latrobe Council

A council approached Gillie and Marc and asked them for a sculpture that would unify their community, while paying homage to its character and incredible history. The artists were inspired by the city’s rich farming background, which gave it a very admirable development. It’s because of farmers that communities are able to survive and flourish! The artists created a life-size sculpture of a farmer, with a friendly side-kick! It’s well known that farmers possess an important relationship with animals, and Gillie and Marc wanted to honour this, as well as bring an element of fun into the work. That’s why they created a dog to go with the farmer, adding another dimension to the art The farmer and dog sculpture became a destination in its own right, which led visitors to gain a deeper understanding of community’s roots, and with that, instilled a sense of pride in its residents.