He loved skiing with his snow bunny (Miniature Collection)

Dimensions 24 x 11 x 30.5 cm (H*L*W) 1.3 kgs

Materials Bronze

Editions /100

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Even though Gillie and Marc are based in snowless Sydney, snow has been a big part of their lives. As a child, Marc was a frequent skier in Mount Buller in Victoria. When he and Gillie moved to New York, he couldn’t wait to play in the snow again. During the New York winter, Marc found an old-fashioned sleigh and he would take the family for toboggan rides. It turned out that the biggest snow bunny of all was their daughter, Jessie, who could literally spend hours on the sleigh in the snow. As an adult, she still tries to get down to the slopes every winter. Gillie, however, really feels the cold, so for her the best parts of skiing is snuggling to warm up afterwards.