He was the guitar man with horns

Dimensions 40 x 23 x 35 cm (H*L*W) 5.8 kg

Materials Bronze

Editions /20

The first time Gillie and Marc saw a wild deer, they were together on a romantic holiday. The captivating image of this magnificent animal has always held a special place in their heart. Both the artists were fascinated and inspired by its commanding yet graceful nature. It’s quite reflective of the two of them! While Dogman and Rabbitwoman are their autobiographical characters, they felt touched by the spirit of a deer in that moment, in a way that brought them even closer together. As such, they elicited Deerman as the best friend of Rabbitwoman and Dogman. The artists share a mutual love for music, and certain songs they hear will bring them back to that wonderful trip where they met their deer friend (pun intended).