The world loved rhinos (Original Painting)
The world loved rhinos (Original Painting)
The world loved rhinos (Original Painting)

The world loved rhinos (Original Painting)

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35.4 x 35.4 inch (H*W)
46.8 x 46.8 inch (H*W) with perspex frame measures
90 x 90 cm (H*W)
119 x 119 cm (H*W) with perspex frame measures

Enamel on wood with resin rhinos (in museum grade perspex box frame)

Contemporary Expressive, Wildlife, Activist Art

We love rhinos. To us they hold a spiritual place in our hearts after having the life changing opportunity to work with them. From this, we developed an unstoppable desire to protect the remaining rhinos of the world, and the only way we can convince people to help us is to make them fall in love. With love comes action, and with action comes change. The world needs to love the rhinos so they can be saved and to flourish once more.

Artwork Features
These works by Gillie and Marc provide the tangible dimensions of a sculpture with the convenient spatial simplicity of a painting. Multiple layers of impasto are mixed with the paint. With each piece, Gillie and Marc are sharing a part of their unique experience through thick brushstrokes and captivating colours that create a harmonious image that is more than just a painting. 

Care Instructions
It is important to keep your painting out of direct sunlight and not to lean anything against the surface of the perspex. If it gets dusty, it can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

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