Paparazzi Dogs | Art on world tour

Paparazzi Dogs | Art on world tour

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Dimensions 61 x 61 x 67 CM (WxLxH)

Weight 10kg

Editions /100

Materials Fibreglass with 2 pack paint


Gillie and Marc’s Paparazzi Dog sculptures have gone from being an art experiment about photographing celebrities to sought-after celebrities in their own right. After covering Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, the four Dogmen will be sniffing out the rich and famous in Brooklyn’s buzzing art district, DUMBO. Paparazzi Dogs — a world famous, social phenomenon In 2013 critically acclaimed contemporary artists, Gillie and Marc, launched a series of sculptures called Paparazzi Dogs. Within days the life-sized dogs went viral with millions of visitors coming to see them. People from all over the world, along with celebrities such as Snoop Dog, were eager to pose with the “Pap Dogs”, quickly giving them a celebrity status. As a society, we’re obsessed with photographing every moment. We take photos of our morning coffee or snap endless selfies on our evening commute. When we’re not capturing our own experiences, we’re desperate to see other people’s. But what happens when celebrities’ self-monitored social media pictures aren’t enough? When does that hunger to see celebrities on grocery shopping or failing their diets lead to something more sinister? Gillie and Marc’s named the Pap Dogs Charles, William, Harry and Tom after the Royal Family. The artists wanted us to reflect on the tragic and avoidable death of Princess Diana. They intentionally used a group of dogs to expose the pack mentality of the media and how we hunt down celebrities to get that dangerous “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into their private lives. Gillie and Marc —promoting love and togetherness Gillie and Marc have worked side by side for over 25 years. The husband and wife team are Sydney-based contemporary artists who collaborate to create art as one. Gillie and Marc first met in Hong Kong. She was a nurse from England and he was a boy from the ‘burbs’ of Melbourne. Instantly they realised they’d found their soulmate. Seven days later they were married in the foothills of Mount Everest. The artists paint, sculpt and photograph with the goal to create joyful, thought-provoking and interactive works that celebrate unlikely unions while inspiring us to re-examine the status quo. Their work is held in collections all over the world. DUMBO – New York’s premier art district you don’t want to miss “We’re so excited that our Pap Dogs are in New York,” says Gillie. “They’ve travelled the globe taking photos, and now they’ve arrived at the place that has been photographed more than anywhere else. And DUMBO is such a fun, trendy neighborhood that leaves you feeling so stimulated.” You’ll find the Pap Dogs in Pearl Street Triangle and Anchorage Place. Pearl Street Triangle is a shaded space that is brimming with chic, vintage style. It’s perfect for the camera shy and people watching. Anchorage Place is situated under Manhattan Bridge right next to the water. With Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge and New York City as a backdrop, it’s the ideal place to get your photo taken. So head down to see the Pap Dogs now – we promise they don’t bite! Their next stop is Ruth Wittenberg Triangle in Greenwich Village. This triangle is named after Brooklyn native Ruth Wittenberg, born in 1899. After this they moved to the Rockefeller Centre, NY.