The rhino was now the centre of everyone’s attention (Original Painting)
The rhino was now the centre of everyone’s attention (Original Painting)

The rhino was now the centre of everyone’s attention (Original Painting)

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Dimensions 59 inch (Diameter)
150 cm (Diameter)

Materials Acrylic and enamel on wood

Round and Around With Wildlife

This collection jumps right at you! Combining painting and sculpture, Rabbitwoman, Dogman and all the endangered animals of the world, leap off the walls in Gillie and Marc’s unique Woodcut POP collection, Round and Around With Wildlife. Gillie and Marc have been called the most successful and prolific creators of public art in New York’s History by the New York Times. Creating some of the world’s most innovative public sculptures, Gillie and Marc are re-designing what public art should be, spreading messages of love, equality, and conservation around the world. After spending much of their early creative lives in Ubud, Bali, the home of painted wood carvings, Gillie and Marc became inspired. By studying these beautiful traditional Balinese wood carvings, they learnt the intricate techniques of the art before beginning to experiment, creating new ways of transforming this traditional art form into something contemporary. In these works, the carved wooden panels are primed and sealed before being painted with a pop gloss enamel, transforming the static 2D into vivid 3D. This allows the endangered animals of the world to burst off the wall in vibrant colour, refusing to be ignored or forgotten, giving new life and hope for their survival. As part of the Love The Last project, Gillie and Marc are using their cutting edge contemporary art to showcase the beautiful animals of the world, to encourage people to not overlook and forget them. Intended to be a limited run, the success of the Woodcut POP series has lead to several commissions, quickly becoming one of Gillie and Marc’s best selling collections and an attention grabbing range.