The Tempest
The Tempest

The Tempest

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Life size


Contemporary Sculpture, Figurative, Entertainment


It all began with a great storm. The greatest storms always excite the mind and soul. With their unstoppable power and ruthless destruction, nothing can withstand the force of the greatest storms. There is also the mystery of the eye, the calm centre within all the chaos. Storms are fascinating and it's with a storm that Shakespeare began his famous play, 'The Tempest'.

To celebrate the namesake of an area called ‘Miranda’ in NSW Australia, Gillie and Marc designed a stunning public sculpture in everlasting bronze based on the story of 'The Tempest'. This sculpture brings the story to life in a modern and accessible way, allowing people of all ages to appreciate and understand the theme.

It's all based around the plot of the sorcerer Prospero who seeks revenge against those who banished him years earlier. Similar to the fate of Prospero himself, the magician plans to create a tempest, a great storm, to shipwreck his enemies near the very same island where he and his daughter Miranda have been stranded all these years. In this sculpture, Prospero is seen foretelling his plot to his daughter Miranda.