• The Wave Riders (Large)

The Wave Riders (Large)

Dimensions Base – 31.0 x 121.0 x 128.0 CM (H*L*W)

Entire Sculpture – 255.0 x 283.0 x 160.0 CM (H*L*W)

Materials Bronze

Editions /10

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Sydneysiders are known for their gorgeous surf beaches. And despite what people think, surfing is a very social sport. Gillie and Marc created the Wave Riders as a tribute to what some might say is the lost art of tandem surfing, and the spirit of doing things together. It was picked for display at last year’s Harbour Sculpture Prize and now can be found at Woolloomooloo wharf. Tandem surfing might have gone out of fashion in the 60s but these Wave Riders are perfectly in tune with each other, and able to find balance despite the odds. Gillie and Marc’s iconic hybrid characters, Dogman and Rabbitgirl, represent the ultimate odd couple – two individuals who love each other even though they don’t fit in to the outside world’s expectations. They tell the artists’ own true love story and reflect their belief in embracing the diversity of relationship experiences.